Making Calls

To make a phone call, we use what’s known as a ‘callback’ service. This is the cheapest way to make calls and allows us to guarantee you up to 90% savings.

Making a call is very easy. Simply dial the number including plus sign and country code and press ‘call’. Your call will disconnect momentarily and then your phone will ‘call you back’. Just answer your phone as normal and you’ll be connected.

The only exceptions are when you are in the USA and the UK. You make your outgoing call as above but it will connect immediately without calling you back.

Sending a text is the same as normal. Just input the number including plus sign and country code and press send.

How much will it cost for people to call me?

People calling you should refer to their phone provider to confirm how much it will cost to call you on your RoamingSIM. While you have your local landline number for Australia, your friends and family will be charged a local call only.

By default, your SIM is set up with a UK Mobile number unless you have a local number enabled this is the rate callers will be billed for when they call you.

Learn more about setting up local numbers on your RoamingSIM here.

How do I check my balance?

Visit your account page here.

Dial *120# and press call on your mobile phone. Your balance will then be displayed.

Special Requirements for using RoamingSIM in Japan and South Korea.

These two frequently visited countries require a phone that is 3G enabled and can support the frequency WCDMA 2100.

Refer to you phones manual, or contact the manufacturer to confirm that your phone meets these requirements.