My RoamingSIM is not working, what should I do?

1. Turn your phone Off then On

We recommend that you do this at least once per day when travelling. Often resetting the phone will fix a temporary problem.

2. Check your Balance

Your RoamingSIM needs to have credit to make or receive a call. If you have a small balance there may not be enough to make your call. Check your balance by dialling *120# and press call. Your balance will be shown on screen immediately.

3. Ensure you have network coverage

If your phone does not have network coverage, try switching manually to another network. Your handset will select the strongest signal; however often it is the local network which is causing the problem. Manually switching may find a better network for you to use. Refer to SIM reset section. Please be aware if you switch to a provider who is NOT one of our preferred partners you may be charged at higher call rates. Refer RATES section for detail.

4. Make sure you are dialing the correct number and format

All phone numbers in our network must be entered using the international format (even if you are dialing a number in the same country): First the country code, then the national area code and finally the required telephone number. For example: to call NSW in Australia: +61 2 xxxx yyyy. To dial internationally, use + country code, followed by the number.

5. Ensure your phone is unlocked

If you receive a message saying "Invalid SIM", your SIM is most likely locked to a carrier. Please contact your existing mobile carrier to have the phone unlocked.

6. Unable to conduct TEST call in Australia on my phone OR unable to TEST data on my Data Device (eg Tablet, iPad)?

Occasionally you may experience difficulties making your first test call or first data connection test in Australia. To overcome this we suggest that you “force the network”. What this simply means is you are "forcing" the SIM card to recognise another network via your carrier/network settings in your handset.
  • Go to carrier/network setting on your handset
  • Change from Automatically select carrier/network to Manual (the handset will now search for all available carrier/network)
  • Once all networks appear select any other carrier than Vodafone – it doesn’t matter if the SIM doesn’t actually connect to the selected network – it is the “trying to connect” that makes it work
  • Wait 2-3 minutes, you can now select Vodafone if you are still in the “carrier/network” screen on your handset. This will “force” the network back onto Vodafone and you should be able to make your first test call / data connection
  • If you have gone back to the “home” screen on your handset please repeat the above steps, this time selecting Vodafone as your network provider. This will force the network onto Vodafone and you should be able to make your first test call / data connection
If you are in an area where you do not receive a strong Vodafone signal you may have to wait until you are in an appropriate area to further test. The RoamingSIM automatically prefers Vodafone to operate in Australia (you must use Vodafone to test Data in Australia or you will be charged at higher rates. Voice calls can be made using any network). ***Please remember to always add +61 (and drop the 0 ) when dialling an Australian number whilst in Australia***